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  Gray Wolf Woolens :: Testimonials



Denny, Cade, Missy Sharrone

"Serious hunters know this...what is worn in the woods greatly affects a hunt. What serious hunters need to know...Gray Wolf's gear is unmatched in its contributions to success. Whitetail hunting demands focus, focus demands comfort. This is provided by Gray Wolf's achievements in design. This company has perfected comfort, concealment, and durability in their line of clothing and accessories. These factors have tipped the scales in our favor during our whitetail pursuits. Thanks again Gray Wolf for helping to make us more successful bowhunters!" - Denny, Missy, Cade Sharrone...Outdoor Writers/Videographers

Chad Birrenkott

"Just wanted to say thanks for making the best possible combination of hunting clothes available. On my trip to New Zealand this past March, my wife Tiffany and I were fortunate enough to take some superb trophy animals, thanks in part to the clothing you make. My guide Colin Rayner is a professional guide from all over the world, made comment on the quietness and overall concealment while I was stalking a stag in the brush. My wife and guide Collin were watching me as I stalked the stag I shot. They could not see me close the gap to 31 yards on the stag at over 300 yards. Keep up the good work and great customer service!" - Chad Birrenkott

Tiffany Birrenkott

Joe Blake, Prairie Longbows

"As a professional bowhunter I spend thousands of hours each year traveling and hunting all across North America, often under extreme weather conditions, and my gear has to be the best because my livelihood depends on it. Gray Wolf Woolens offers the finest hunting clothing available on the market today, and I wouldn't consider leaving home without it."...Joe Blake, Professional Bowhunting Writer, Photographer, and owner/bowyer for Prairie Longbows.

Joe Blake, Prairie Longbows

Dean Elbe, Iowa Whitetail

"I want to thank you for making such a fantastic product. It is quiet, comfortable, and scent free, with a great choice of camo patterns. Most importantly you make them to specifically fit me. Before I always had to settle for pants that never fit right and were always uncomfortable."

"I do not enter the woods without your clothing under any circumstances." - Dean Elbe

Mark Breitrick

Shane Wilbur, Illinois Bowhunter

"I put camo to the test for durability and stealth. This predator pattern is awesome. I took this buck at 7 yards from the ground. Thanks for an awesome product with great service! Keep up the great work!"
- Shane Wilbur

Jim Shanks

"Here is a photo of a caribou I shot last year in Quebec. I am wearing one of your vests. The vest is great. It is undoubtedly the best piece of hunting clothing that I own. The service from Gray Wolf was wonderful. Jeff made some alterations to fit me and added a few extra features that I wanted. Delivery was super fast."
- Jim Shanks

Mike Bolin, West Terre Huate, IN
"I was hunting with Twin River Lodge out of Shefferville Quebec, owned by Andre' ThrelFall. I took both of my bulls on Sept. 2, 2003, about 30 minutes apart. On this trip I used both the unlined Wolfskin and the wool in Predator Brown. On most days, the Wolfskin pullover and pants over silk long johns was about perfect with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 60s. I carried my Wolfskin comformax lined vest in my daypack for the cool morning and evening boat rides up and down the George River."

"I did use my wool shirt a couple of days when it stayed overcast and windy......it was always windy! The way the Wolfskin sheds rain is very impressive. The rain gear stayed in the daypack unless it was just a downpour. Thanks for a great product and fantastic customer service. Hope to get a set of the Wolfskin in Predator Spring Green sometime soon."- Mike Bolin

Brian Patterson, Ohio

"On the moose hunt in Newfoundland, I used a homemade, 59# bamboo backed osage longbow and a 680 grain arrow. My guide called the moose in to about 18 yrds and it traveled maybe a hundred yards before falling. I would rate the moose a 10 on the flavor factor. We were kind of caught off guard and in the open when we spotted a group of three moose. The only cover was a few small evergreen trees that couldnt have been much more than 12-15" tall. I did my best to hide behind one of them but you have seen my measurements so you know that wasnt going to happen. I have to think the predator camo I had on had something to do with getting the shot. I wore wool from Gray Wolf / Hidden Wolf almost exclusively while there (weather permitting) I fell in love with the gray woods plaid shirt I got from you just before going. I need to get one in green as well sometime."

"Others in the camp wore Gray Wolf/ Hidden wolf products as well and had much success. We came home with 3 moose and a caribou out of 6 hunters although everyone had chances."
- Brian Patterson

"Just got my clothes and tried them on. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with them, they are everything I hoped for and more! If you recall when I first started touching base with you, I was concerned that the pictures make the clothing look very light weight, flimsy and not very warm. Having now seen them first hand, touched them and tried them on, they are definantly a heavy healthy wool fabric. I am so pleased and grateful to you for taking the time to help me through the proper investment in good quality wool hunting clothing." "There is no question, I made the right investment!. I cannot begin to tell you how important it was to me, in choosing Gray Wolf over the others, that you treated me very well every single time I called or emailed you...and I know it was a lot. If anyone is questioning which route to go...I welcome you to have them contact me. Great people and product is not easy to find today...you've got it all!"
Stephen K. Chappell, Michigan

"Simply put Gray Wolf Woolen clothing is the best hunting gear you can buy for the money. From the fit to the finish no other company can compare. I already own 4 suits from jeff and i indeed plan to keep buying many more for years to come.''
Chris Carter, New York

"I received my customized 3-in-1 jacket on Wednesday and looked it over and tried it on. What can I say, the jacket exceeded my expectations! The quality of the craftsmanship and wool are beyond compare. The jacket fits well and will function well alone or as a layer over the vest and bibs I purchased from you."
Jeff Strock Lamberton, Minnesota

"I really like the green Wolfskins. The double knees and butt are the way to go. They fit great, and I appreciate you working with me to get them to me in time for my hunt. I also appreciate your answering emails quickly, and communicating with me about my order status. That is not always the case with other companies. The custom sizing is also important to me. I'm not an "off the shelf" size for many things, and your jacket sizing/style allows me to shoot my bow without worrying about sleeve and chest interference. I'm looking forward to getting my Fall gray set."
Steve Lyth, Michigan

"My 2003 bear hunt was successful in great part due to your great products and patterns. My bear looked right through me prior to my shot, this bear never saw me in my predator gray camo. My wolfskin coat, pants and Graywoods shirt kept me warm and dry in the north woods of Maine."

I also harvested two deer later in the past season wearing the same combination when hunting on my property in Crawford County, WI. I am very pleased with the products and the service rendered by Gray wolf. I certainly will be using this product this year and during my future planned Caribou hunt to AK. Thanks"
Bill W. Spring Grove, IL

"Jeff is an outstanding guy who´s custom service is second to none.The wool products I own are 1st rate. The bibs and northwood line lumberjack jac/shirt as well as the awesome fanny pack I bought from Jeff are made for bowhunters and the design and fabrics are the finest clothing money can buy. My first choice for hunting or just for stump shooting in cold weather"
Karl Wiesauer, Austria

"I wanted to let you know how much I use and enjoy my wool Gray Wolf Bowhunter's Jacket. When I shoot I like to be comfortable, and this jacket is all that and more. I especially appreciate the construction of the back, which allows me to come to full draw without binding up. The extra length of the sleeves helps there, too! Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of the garment. I think it compares favorably with jackets that cost significantly more."
Johnathan Kessler, California

"In this time of automation and mass production, where the bottom line rules at the cost of quality, it is a rare find to discover a company such as Gray Wolf Woolens. I have purchased several Gray Wolf garments. The fit, attention to detail, and quality of materials and craftsmanship are second to none. After considering all of the alternatives, I am very happy that I made the right decision and invested in Gray Wolf. I believe, with Gray Wolf's quality construction that I did truly make an investment."
Matthew Frey, Charles Town, West Virginia

"Jeff has a great product, very competitive pricing and provides excellent service. The quality and fit of his products are excellent and in my opinion are second to none. I appreciate the detail that goes into his products and you can expect that they will provide years of quality service. Jeff knows what a bowhunter needs in his garments and you can expect that to be reflected in the design and workmanship. Delivery was first rate and on time as expected.

Jeff goes out of his way to ensure you the customer have what you feel you need and provides prompt and efficient service. We had an initial communication problem and he was quick to take ownership and provide fast efficient service ungrudgingly which guarantees that I will deal with him in the future. In my opinion, when you buy from Graywolf Woolens you are getting real value for your investment."
Russ Henry, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

"I was in ONTARIO CANADA visiting friends, This particular day it was around ZERO degree's with a wind chill of about -15 and We were shooting stumps so we were doing alot of walking and the vest was just the right amount of warmth needed but when the wind would blow the hood was right there and kept the wind off my neck, and the pockets were just in the right place so you didn't have to search for them when you needed to get your hands warm. This vest is the most functional vest I've ever owned."
TJ Craig, PA  

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