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  Gray Wolf Woolens :: About Us

  About Us

About Us:

Jeff Aulik - Alberta Mulie

At Gray Wolf Woolens we have a passion for hunting. We take it very seriously. And we take our hunting clothing just as seriously. We strive to produce the finest hunting clothing in the world.

Whether you want a basic lightweight hunting garment to head out to the back forty for an evening whitetail hunt, a set of wool to hide you in the wide open rainy tundra from a book Caribou, a super warm suit to keep you on the trail of a Muskox, or you want a customized garment designed to help you on your once in a lifetime quest for a Bighorn ram, you have come to the right place. You want quiet, long lasting garments that offer the best concealment properties over a varying range of terrain, and most of all comfort and protection over a wide range of temperatures and conditions that mother nature can hand you. Gray Wolf's fabrics, materials, and design combine to provide you with a truly exceptional garment that will last a lifetime.

Matt Jensen - Colorado Elk - Taken while wearing Intrusion Deadfall

Our commitment to quality, design and functionality is what drives us to continually come up with new ideas. We have many years of hunting experiences combined, with adventures in many different states and provinces. We've used the others, decided what we liked or didn't like about them. And went to work to improve them and now offer the best to you. We also understand that there are many features that each individual may need or want. By offering the additional options that we do, with the ability to custom design your ideas we can produce exactly what you have in mind.

We invite you to try the best designed, most comfortable hunting clothing money can buy.

Telephone: 715-623-5399


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