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  Gray Wolf Woolens :: Intrusion Camo

  Intrusion Camo
We are excited to announce the introduction of INTRUSION™, the next generation in concealment patterns.

We all know that breaking up the human silhouette is the most important aspect a camouflage pattern can exhibit. Many claim their patterns do this because "breaking up the human silhouette" are the buzz words of the camouflage marketplace. INTRUSION™ actually accomplishes this goal! With the perfect combination of large areas of light and dark tones and colorations for maximum contrast, INTRUSION™ literally dissolves the human form.

INTRUSION™ was created on a three layer design concept. The darker branches and leaves are up front, with the shadowy forms of other branches designed to appear further back in the pattern. To complete this design the perfect background coloration's were then added. Combining these attributes gives INTRUSION™ unparalleled depth plus maximum contrast, with each pattern looking like you could climb right through it!

Additionally, INTRUSION™ has just the right amount of detail that allows for excellent breakup up close plus as you move away this detail blends together to create large blocks of tones and thus retains pattern integrity. In other words...it works at 10 yards just as well as it does further away. None of the dreaded "blob effect" with INTRUSION™!

To sum it all up, INTRUSION™ was created to work in the outdoors...where we all hunt. From the oak woodlots that secretive mature whitetails call their home to the high mountain meadows where bull elk sing their songs, INTRUSION™ has you covered!

INTRUSION™ is available in two awesome color combinations. INTRUSION™ Deadfall, which is unparalleled for stalking that trophy of a lifetime up close and right in his face, and INTRUSION™ Treeline, which will give you the upper hand in your attack from on high. And while the names imply where they were designed to work best, both patterns work well in a wide variety of terrains and seasons.


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